Nov 24, 2023

5 Reasons Why Birmingham is the Best City to Live in Right Now

Birmingham is famous for many things – The Bull Ring, Spaghetti Junction, Cadburys chocolate, playing a major part in the Industrial Revolution and so, so much more! It is a city rich with culture and, we think, the best place to live in the UK right now for families, students and couples alike, with something to offer for everyone.

At Henley Charles, we are proud to represent the property market for Birmingham and the surrounding locations for the simple reason that we love this city and are dedicated to helping people make Birmingham their home whether you’re looking to buy or rent, short or long term, and for every budget or need.

Birmingham’s history and spirit are embedded in the soul of its ethnically and culturally diverse population, and there are many features of the city which make it an amazing place to live, work and study.



Unlike London with sky high housing prices in their central areas, Birmingham’s housing market is much more affordable. Whether it’s property, food or entertainment, in Birmingham, your money tends to go a lot further. When it comes to housing prices, for example, London is around 170% more expensive. There is a wide variety of housing available in Birmingham, and you can often get larger property than you would in London for a similar price.

For example, in Birmingham, rent for a one-bedroom apartment is £650/pcm and the price for renting a house is £1000/pcm on average This changes depending on the usual factors like your proximity to the city centre, neighbourhood amenities, size of your property, etc. Utility bills will obviously vary depending on your needs, household size and company you’re contracted with, but expect these to range between £90-160 per month.

Your cost of living will be determined by your lifestyle but it is undoubtedly easier to live comfortably on a budget in Birmingham than it is in London.


Employment opportunities

Given Birmingham’s size, there is a large job market with opportunities in various sectors. This can make the transition for expats easier, as they can find a large number of professional and casual employment options.

Despite the national decline in manufacturing industries since the industrial revolution, Birmingham remains one of the best performing cities in the UK for manufacturing and engineering. Birmingham is also known for its Jewellery Quarter, and many products are still produced in the city including electrical equipment, machine tools, plastics, chemicals and china.

Nowadays, Birmingham has a more diverse range of industries, and operates predominantly in the service industries, retail, hospitality and tourism. With the second largest economy in the UK and the city’s convenient geographical location in the Midlands, its well-connected infrastructure, and its great transport links, it is not hard to understand why there is an abundance of employment opportunities.


Endless things to do

This is by far one of the best things about the city – there is so much to do!In Birmingham, you can enjoy world-class theatre, concerts with some of your favourite artists, ballet, and entertainment all in one place. There are countless restaurants, including Michelin-starred and independent venues, and plenty of bars and cafes to suit every budget and dietary requirement.

Birmingham is certainly not short of shopping centres, and retail has become one of the city’s biggest industries in more recent times, with many of its major shopping centres being either refurbished or completely rebuilt. From large indoor shopping malls and all the global brands you can think of, to traditional outdoor markets and independent boutiques, Birmingham has everything you could ever want or need in the heart of the city centre.


So much green space

Birmingham is a surprisingly green city with 571 parks covering almost 9,000 acres; far from the concrete jungle you’ve likely been led to believe. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is another major tourist attraction, fashioned in the style of a Victorian public park and set within 15 acres of landscaped greenery. Highgate Park’s hillside aspect offers fantastic views over the city centre, but if you want to go even higher up for a panoramic effect, then Oaklands Recreation Ground in Yardley has an accessible view that is unparalleled so close to the city centre. In addition, you can explore the canals and enjoy internationally renowned sporting venues and the countless surrounding green areas of the city.

After thousands of people signed an online petition calling for “a green oasis in the heart of the city,” the city council revealed that they are considering a new city centre park in Birmingham Smithfield. The campaign to create the park is ongoing.


Diverse and inclusive

Birmingham is a city filled with many peoples and cultures, a diversity which has contributed to some of the city’s most defining aspects. Birmingham is the kind of place where you can make new friends no matter where you go or what you’re doing. People in Birmingham look out for one another as if everyone living there was their neighbour.


Thinking of moving to Birmingham?

If, like us, you think that Birmingham is the best city to live in the UK right now and are considering the move, why not get in touch? Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, our expert, friendly and efficient Birmingham based estate agents will be more than happy to help you find a home that’s right for you.

Our team takes time to listen to your needs, wants and budgets and do all the research you need to find the best possible options on the Birmingham property market right now. We come with all the modern technology and internet capabilities of modern estate agents, but with all the knowledge, passion and understanding of Birmingham and the surrounding areas as traditional estate agents.

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