Sep 08, 2020

Birmingham Council HMO Application Service

For over 10 years, we have provided a Birmingham HMO application service for landlords to get property HMO compliant and application filling to Birmingham City Council.


The Service we provide is broken down into simple points and the pricing can be constituted individually


For a complete HMO service, we offer a full service package which all of the below items plus arranging all the building works required.


  • Visit the property and advise for HMO compliance
    • List works required
    • Certificates
    • Furniture/furnishing
    • Layout
    • Tenant/contract options
    • Put in touch with local contractors for the various jobs


  • A planning application submission to the planning department via our recommended contractors if required (this will take around 8 weeks to get back from the council) Further delays could be possible if planning is rejected


  • Liaise with you during the period of preparing the property
    With Further visits to inspect property for compliance


  • Once completed complete
    • Prepare a floor plan with list of points required by Birmingham Council
    • Complete application form
    • Complete safety certificates
    • Submit to Birmingham City Council


  • During this phase of HMO commissioning we can provide you the options of contracts available and prepare leases and inspections for the following types:
    • Private tenants on room by room basis
    • Social Birmingham City Council contracts from 1-5-year leases
    • Government contracts up to 10 years
    • Service accommodation contracts – let on short term basis
    • Assisted living


Help & Guidance

Here at Henley Charles we have over 25 years of experience with HMO properties. (further details of our services)


For any advice and application services then feel free to contact




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