Sep 08, 2020

HMO Specification Guide

Step By Step – Property Specification, Certificates and Regulations Guide for HMO Landlords


HMOs do have some extended regulations to comply with compared to single family properties, largely related to fire safety


HMO Licence

Required if the property is rented to 5 or more individuals

Required if the property is 3 storeys


Fire Regulations

Fire doors to all communal and bedrooms

Doors to have fire intumescent seal, door closure either perko or overhead

Thumbturn locks to bedrooms & exits

Fire blanket & fire extinguishers in kitchen

Installation of mains interconnect fire alarm in all communal rooms, bedrooms

Heat detector in kitchen

If the property is 3 storeys or higher an appropriate fire alarm system with a central panel is required

CO alarm in kitchen, near boiler, rooms with fire heater

Emergency lights required in communal areas, passageways to exists, stairs


Safety Certificates

Gas certificate to be carried out annually & display cp12 on notice board in house

Electrical installation safety certificate (Electrical Installation Condition Report) for the period the electrician deems its required from 1 to 5 years

Fire alarm certificate required every 12 months

Emergency light certificate every 12 months

Fire panel alarm systems to be certified every 6 months


Furniture & Furnishing Regulation

Furnishing & upholstered furniture supplied by HMO landlords must meet fire resistance requirements


Minimum Room Sizes


6.51 square meters for a single occupant

10.22 square meters if occupied by 2 people


Communal & kitchen Minimum sizes