Sep 08, 2020

Birmingham City Council Article 4 – New Regulations to Covert A Property Into HMO – Now Introduced City Wide

Simple Landlords Guide


Existing HMO Properties without licence

If you have an existing property with 3-6 residents and have never applied for a HMO licence then you would need to apply prior to June 2020 deadline.


The property would need to be up to the current HMO regulations download here.


After June 2020 any existing HMOs which have not already been declared may require an application for a certificate of lawful use or for retrospective planning approval.


Any HMO property with more then 6 residents does require a full planning application – this has been the case for years now.


New HMO Properties in Development

Full planning application required, apply before it becomes live as planning can always be rejected.


Help & Guidance

Here at Henley Charles we have over 25 years of experience with HMO properties. (further details of our HMO  landlord services)

For any advice and application services then feel free to contact


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Here are the links for the planning

Birmingham City Council Article 4 Link –